Moonshades is a dungeon crawler role-playing game in order to restore the immersive atmosphere and experience of the old-school RPGs.

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Harten, a once prospering kingdom, full of promise, is now under siege by the demons of another realm, they arrived under the full, red moon of Okrin the god of chaos and destruction, through a portal of unknown origin. The people of this land are trembling with fear, and rightly so, anybody who was brave or foolish enough to stand their ground now lay lifeless on the abandoned, grimy city streets. The survivors are now in hiding, deep inside the mountains of Greydawn, a neutral ground, a border to the undiscovered lands to the east. Two stars on the blood red night sky, two wanderers now arrive in these lands to repel the demon horde and close the portals once and for all. They hold a secret, and the invaders give them a wide berth, but why? Who are these strange characters?

Raise the hero inside you!

In the Moonshades' fantasy you can roam through an adventurous, labyrinthine underground world loaded with ancient magic and myths embedded in a compelling story. Wandering in this realm among the nesting monsters, a great amount of revelation and captivating missions wait for you with crafty traps, hidden nooks and corners, tricky elements and challenging quests over the ever tactical combats and spatial puzzles.

"I am a wizardry and might & magic fan and this could be the best first person dungeon crawler i have ever played..."

"So, in the ninteys I played eye of the beholder for about two years and never completed it due to its size and complexity. I see the same level of quality and detail in this game. It's left me wanting more both my son and myself have been loving it although the spiders creeped him out...​"

"After familiarizing yourself with the UI this is probably the best dungeon crawler I've played on mobile platforms, the interactivity with the dungeon is such a welcome feature. My only complaint is that there isn't more of it, can't wait for the full release!​"


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